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To make your booking or enquiry, you can fill in the below form or contact me directly:

Nikkita Naidoo
073 862 6133
Gauteng, South Africa


What to include in your booking inquiry?

Every make-up application is unique, in order for me to provide an accurate, personalised quotation; I need the following key details:

  • Date of the event
  • The time make-up will need to start; please also include the time you will need to be ready
  • What type of event are you attending (wedding, photoshoot, birthday party, etc.)
  • The address of the venue or the place where the make-up application will take place
  • The amount of people that will require make-up services
  • What type of make-up do you require? Examples include: airbrush, glamorous, natural, etc. You are also welcome to email me reference pictures of your intended look.

*A quotation will be emailed once all relevant information has been provided; a 50% deposit is required to secure your requested date.


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